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GiftyWrap specializes in stationary that not only brings joy, but reflects the diverse community that we all live in. Through our unique and specialty wrapping paper we work to ensure that everyone feels seen and represented in the products used to celebrate them.

Our goal is to bring more art into the world, spread joy and do it inclusively. Our products include wrapping paper rolls and *coming soon* gift bags and balloon kits. Your purchase puts dollars into the pockets of artists, your purchase will spread joy and you'll have a gift wrapped to uniquely celebrate your gift recipient.

We love mother earth, do business with us knowing that our paper is recyclable, non-toxic and is made from trees harvested from FSC certified forests.

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Inclusive Wrapping

We Are All Cool GirlsWe Are All Cool Girls
  • Inclusion & Representation

    It's no secret that representation matters. Through our unique and specialty wrapping paper we want to create products that make everyone feel seen and represented in the products used to celebrate them.  We are on a mission to one day have paper that celebrates all cultures. We are just over a year old, stay tuned as we grow into a cultural hub.

  • Art For Everyone

    We strongly believe there should be more art in the world. We have worked with and paid small artists to help us create beautiful and original prints for our paper. While most of our artists are local to MN, we have partner with artists across the nation and as far as Zambia to create art that is relatable to their culture. Art that is authentic not exploitative. Your purchases allow us to put money into the hands of more artists.

  • Spreading Joy & Sustainability

    At GiftyWrap we know that there is a satisfaction in giving. It can even more fun that receiving. Our customers shop with us because we specialize in products that bring joy and they also believe in our Gift Joy, Get Joy mantra.

    We also want a joyful planet. That is why our paper is fully recyclable and created from FSC certified forests. Our paper is also non toxic making it safe in the case of accidental ingestion from pets and young ones.